Environmental policy

Environmental policy

Vatnavinir (Friends of water)

The organisation Vatnavinir responds to threats of global warming and economic change by pointing out opportunities big and small based on sustainable use of the most valuable resource in Iceland - the nature. Vatnavinir want to channel the unique resource of geothermal energy, abundance of fresh water and extraordinary nature to help develop new opportunities for entrepreneurial endeavours. Not least, to reinforce the image of Iceland as a "Sustainable Wellness Country".

With interdisciplinary cooperation and a new vision of the possibilities that water offers for future projects in Iceland, Vatnavinir work towards their goal by:


  • suggesting sustainable possibilities in the form of pure natural spa-wellness  experiences all around the country.
  • working in cooperation with government, planning authorities and local initiatives to develop a unique image of Iceland as a country with diverse and exciting health resources close to nature.
  • designing proposals for practical solutions of individual spas and baths in harmony and cooperation with local initiatives and the environment.

Vatnavinir do always take the environmental impact of their activities into consideration, both in practice in office and fieldwork as well as applying the core idea of sustainable development in each and every design and advisory project, big or small. Thus promoting the policy of environmental sensitivity to each and every cooperative party.