About us

yggdrasilWho are we?
We are an international multidisciplary team of professionals with experience in developing bathing and wellness concepts.  We develope concepts for treatment centres dealing with the therapeutic effects of thermal baths and bathing for urban and rural locations in Iceland.
What do we do?
The  uniqueness of a place provides the guidance to developing services and experiences to offer.  We researh and analyse potential locations and environments for developing health related treatment centres in Iceland.  Our research explores the geographical and natural context  be it urban, rural or remote landscapes assessing possible range of services and facilites to be established in close relation to the social fabric and local economic environment.

What is our aim?
We explore opportunities for building a network of complementary thermal water treatment centres in Iceland with the aim of supporting sustainable local economies with services and treatments consisting of  natural remedies based on water, nature and fresh air.  

How do we work?
We explore, analyse, research local condition,  working with local communities  for consultation developing a discourse and dialogue amongst the associated partners for the development of new initiatives.

To promote health related tourism accross Iceland.
To promote education and enhance knowledge growth in the field of wellness tourism; in science, medical and alternative treatments and sustainability.
To promote an Icelandic school of thought in relating wellness with nature.
To promote Iceland as a laboratory for the world in health related tourism.