Hugsmidjan is a multimedia and design company which provided the website of Vatnavinir.

eyLAND lab

eyLAND logoeyLAND emerged out of vatnavinir´s cooperation and defines itself as an architecture and design studio based on vatnavinir´s philosophy and principles. It is our aim to implement architectural and landscape architectural solutions within the wider context of a sustainable “Health country Iceland”.

thorvardur-arnasonÞorvarður Árnason

Thorvardur Arnason is a professor of The University of Iceland provided Vatnavinir with some of his beautiful photos of his from icelandic nature.

NATURE-hringLOGO_litur is an eco conscious network. Guðrún Tryggvadóttir is an new member of Vatnavinir and our organisations are amicably entwined. is a website promoting a new deal on Icelandic resources, creatvity and entrepreneurship. In 2008, Björk Guðmundsdóttir called for the Neisti (Spark) workshops gathering start-up companies and post-seed companies, representatives for economic and social development, academics, investors and innovators - among them vatnavinir. the website of vatnavinir vestfjarða - a small group of individuals, landowners, small local businesses, local non-profit organizations, local authorities, architects and entrepreneurs. The project was founded by main partners vatnavinir, Atvest, Westfjords Marketing Agency and the Westfjords Tourism Association.